Thursday, May 7, 2009

they miss the girl...

It is funny to see how the dogs behave when Sarah comes home from school. After the first rambunctious greeting, they all have to sniff her from head to toe and then sniff her belongings. But in between sniffing sessions, they jump up and lick her face or pull on her clothes... it is like they so excited to see her they just can't help themselves. Any time she sits down, they will all crowd around her-even if she doesn't have a snack in her hand. Jake and Mopsy will both be in bed with her at night, though I don't know how she sleeps through it because they grumble at each other, jockeying for whatever spot puts them closest to her. And while Maggie sleeps on her doggie bed, she does make regular rounds through the night, checking to see if she is okay.
Yep, the puppies sure miss the girl when she is gone... and so do I. Hang on kids, she'll be home soon.

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