Sunday, May 17, 2009

home again

Only time for a quick update because I am seriously dragging butt and fighting a headache...

The two day trial in Evansville went extremely well. Saturday we took first place in Standard for 38 MACH points but we NQ'd (non-qualify) in Jumpers. Saturday night we (Addie's Mom and me) went to the Log Inn (which is the oldest restaurant in Indiana- Abraham Lincoln ate there). We sat in the bar and watched the Preakness, but the best part is that the customer next to us trained race horses, so she was able to fill us in on some of the less obvious details. It made for a really enjoyable evening- good dinner, good conversation.
Sunday started with a good (not great) standard run. We Q'd and got third place. Then we had a PHENOMENAL jumpers run for our second dbl Q and 48 more MACH points. She really flew.
But, here is the best part.... another handler came over and asked me where I had gotten Maggie... if the breeder was in Missouri. I told her that Maggie was a rescue and her brows went up and all she said was "wow."
Sometimes when I think about what a great dog she is, all I can say is "wow" also.
Great job this weekend

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  1. Great job. It is wow but you two are a great team. It will be more wow when you guys MACH.