Sunday, May 3, 2009

A different kind of day

What a difference there was from Friday to Saturday. Not only did the cold rains give way to sunny skies, our success on the agility field was completely different as well. We got there at "the butt crack" of dawn and you could tell it was going to be a pretty day. The sunrise was peeking though pink clouds and the water on the grass sparkled in the light. It started a little cool, but the sun had warmed it up in no time. In fact, we were wishing we'd brought along shorts instead of the winter weight gear we'd packed. Our first run of the day was FAST which I bobbled when I stepped over the line in the send bonus. But I didn't feel too bad, because NO ONE qualified in FAST. There were probably 100 competitors and not one qualification. That tells you something about the judge's course. Anyway, we set up for the standard course and we played it VERY safe and slow because I was tired of no Q's. We qualified at 17 seconds under course time, in 5th place (no placement ribbon, but I was happy to get that green one). The jumpers course came next and it was a difficult course... lots of switches and then a loooooong race for the finish. Those are usually the worst for us because I can't keep up and Maggie will stop and wait for me. But this time we managed to pull it off and not only Q'd but took 2nd place. It was our first Double Q in our race for a Championship (Master Agility Champion, MACH, requires 10 Dbl Q's as well as 750 speed points). Our tally to date is: 1 Dbl Q, 132 points. Go Maggie go!

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