Monday, May 4, 2009

C'mon in, the water's f-f-f-f-fine!

Saturday I promised Maggie that she could go swimming when we got home. Though I fully realize that she could not understand what I was saying, I felt compelled to make good on my promise, even though the pool water is still a little green. Maggie doesn't care, though, she'd jump in if it were brown. She doesn't even care that it is still around 62 degrees.... in fact, I think she enjoys sharing it by running to within 3 feet of a person before she shakes. And if you saw the look on her face, you'd believe she is doing it on purpose- I think she enjoys hearing us squeal and laugh. As the summer wears on, I'm sure I will have more dog swimming photos, feel free to yell when you've had enough...

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