Monday, April 5, 2010

Peace and Quiet

Sometimes peace and quiet is overrated. Sarah and the new puppy, Reba (or Ree) have gone back to school. Having a young dog in the house again has made me realize how mature Maggie has gotten; though I still think of her as a young dog, she is already 5 years old. And while I appreciate the fact that those years have gotten us to a place where I can count on her to do whatever I ask (sit, stay, come) I had forgotten how much fun a young dog's antics can be. Even a simple trip to the backyard to go potty meant that Ree had to grab the jollyball and race around the yard a time or two. She would play bow to Maggie and Jake, trying to get them involved in a chase, but they are above that, so they snubbed her. And though it wasn't a very long chase, Mopsy would do her best to accomodate and give her a little run now and then. Bless her heart, the old girl still can run pretty quick, but I'm always afraid she'll run into something, so I'd put a stop to it when it got a little rambunctious.
Thanks to a handful of really good friends, Sarah is prepared to get this girl off on the right foot. At this weekend's agility trial, they surprised her with a "baby" shower and everything she needs for a new dog. She's even had a lesson with a professional trainer to give her some ideas on how to begin. I wish I had been this prepared with my first dog.
Meanwhile, I'll count the (quiet) days until they are home again....

Thursday, April 1, 2010


No, not like that. I have a "grand-dog." My daughter Sarah adopted her first dog yesterday, a sweet little sable Border Collie.

Sarah plans to change her name and for now she is thinking "Reba." Mostly because she is a little red-headed country girl that is full of spunk. Plus "Ree" makes for a good name on the agility course.
I'm glad she's Sarah's dog instead of mine, because she tiny and blazing fast. I'm afraid that my old knees would never keep up with her on an agility course.
She's already had two dips in the pool. The first one was an accident, the second one was because the first time was fun. I can tell right now that Sarah is going to have her hands full with this girl, but there will never be a dull moment.
Welcome to the family Reba!