Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Love

Okay, this post isn't about dogs... it's about love. I was just glancing through my photos from Sunday and I came across this:

I was thinking that there is nothing else in the world like baby love-especially from mom and grandma. Isn't this the scene that William Ross Wallace had in mind when he wrote:

Blessings on the hand of women!
Angels guard its strength and grace,
In the palace, cottage, hovel,
Oh, no matter where the place;
Would that never storms assailed it,
Rainbows ever gently curled;
For the hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.

What a joy to watch (and be!) a mom this Sunday with a little baby to fuss over.

But the humans weren't the only ones that enjoyed watching over little Julian... Gertie was never far away and ready to lend a paw to help.

(you didn't really think I could make it through an entire entry without a dog, did you?)

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  1. Ahhhhhh! Yes, Gertie's quite the little wanna-be Mom; she's napping in Julian's nursery right now during a thunderstorm (shhh!-we'll let her think she's protecting the baby and not the other way around).

    Thanks for sharing the photos; this page will have to be printed for J's baby book. :-)