Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend News

J: = Jake
M: = Maggie

J: Mom is too tired to type, so Maggie and I will update the blog
M: I had a great time at the agility show! Friday we had to be there early (My friend Addie's Mom said we were there at the "butt-crack of dawn") But I didn't mind because I was all excited to run. Maybe too excited because Mom pulled me off of our first run half-way through. She said I was being crazy and not paying attention. Dang it.
J: I had to stay home. Dang it.
M: Anyway, I was much more careful for our next run (Jumpers with weaves) and we took first place. The only bad thing is that it was over in 25 seconds, but Mom thought that was a good thing. It was a long time before our next run so I went outside for a while and ate some duck poop.
J: I love duck poop.
M: Our last run of the day was FAST and Mom said the send bonus was really hard. I guess she forgot how smart I am, because I breezed through it and took first place.

M: Saturday I was excited to see my friends from Arkansas; Ben and Pin-head and their mom. (Pin-head has another name, but I don't know what it is, because his mom always calls him pin-head). I love when they are here because they always bring good treats. Mom told her to stop, but I told Ben that mom is just kidding, keep bringing the goods. That was the high point of Saturday, though, because I did a spin on the standard course and the judge called a refusal. (I wasn't refusing, I was just spinning around to see what was keeping mom so far behind) On the jumpers course I was running too fast and couldn't make my weave pole entry... so no ribbons.

J: Where are the treats from Pin-head's mom? I didn't get any.....????

M: Sunday morning was another butt-crack of dawn day.
J: But this time I got to go! Yipee! I love the equestrian center... it smells like horses and everythiing is dirty and there are dogs barking everywhere and there is lots of duck poop to eat! (except I didn't because there were also DOG TREATS!)
M: There were dog treats because it was my friend Addie's birthday. She turned 3 on Sunday and her mom brought stuff for everyone. Addie is a Weimaraner, but her mom says it like there is a "V" in front because Addie is an honest-to-goodness Champion.
J: I just say "Weim" because it makes me sound cool. (I LOVE Addie)
M: Our standard course went really well except I knocked one little bitty bar down. Mom said that was okay 'cause I hardly ever do that.
J: I was in the crate eating snacks.
M: Our jumpers run was like Friday... it was over in 27 seconds, but Mom seemed real happy and we got a blue ribbon AND a fancy title ribbon because that was my AXJ title.
J: I got to walk around and meet people, but I did get tired of hearing how wonderful Maggie is. I know she's my sister, but come on.... I'm the "lady's man"... look at me!

M: Mostly, it was a very good weekend except for one sad thing.
J: Our friend Gretzky passed over the rainbow bridge and everyone was pretty sad about it.
M: But we know that Gretzky will be there waiting for Kim, and until then, he'll probably be playing and doing all sorts of fun things.
J: Like eating duck poop.

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