Thursday, March 19, 2009

Heavy heart

It is with great sadness that I am typing this entry. One of our dog friends, a beautiful young Weimaraner named Lexi left our world today. Brave and resilient, Lexi battled a terribly invasive cancer silently and never gave anyone a clue that she was ill. Last Friday, she ran part of an agility course in Carthage when her mom pulled her from the ring after she got sick part way through the run. This was their first indication that she was ill, and tonight-less than a week later-she is gone.

It is difficult enough to say goodbye to our companions when they are old and feeble. To lose a vibrant, young, seemingly healthy dog is a shock none of us ever want to bear. Steph and Dave, our hearts break for you.

Goodbye Lexi, I'm glad I got to know you.


  1. Lori thank you so much for your thoughts. It is hard not having her. Poor girl she fought so hard and we never knew she was sick. I am sure going to miss seeing you at agility trials but hopefully when Flint is big enough I will be back at it and we can run in memory of Lexie. She was a great dog and is truly missed. It has been hard being home without her. Thanks again.

    Stephanie and David

  2. Oh no.... what a sad sad thing. I know she is in heaven now (Pain free and running all over the place). It's amazing how much we can love our animals. They are so loving and innocent. God- thank you for putting pets in our lives.