Friday, March 27, 2009

Political Corectness

It has come to my attention that someone might be offended by the "I Think My boy is gay" post. So, in the interest of keeping everyone happy, I thought I'd point out some things for you to consider

1. Jake is neutered; he's a eunich. He isn't interested in anyone "in that way"
2. Mikko is neutered also. So even if Jake wasn't, Jake wouldn't really be in love with a 'boy'...
3. Even after fully wedging his entire head and neck through the hole he dug, Jake is still at least 3 feet from Mikko's fence. Clearly too far for even a kiss, much less a concentual relationship.
4. Mikko probably had nothing to do with the choice of his pink id tag or the act of putting it on.
5. Even if he had, wearing a pink tag is no different than my husband wearing a pink shirt (note to self: look to see if Greg owns a pink shirt)
6. Even if Mikko were a cross-dresser and he and Jake had the desire and the... ahem .... means to be gay... THEY ARE DOGS AND DR. PHIL WOULDN'T CARE!

But nothing would ever surprise me, so Dr. Phil, if you would like to pay for Jake and I to come to California (or wherever you are) get treated like celebrities and ride in a limo... give us a call. We'll even bring the little cross-dressing gay guy from across the street....

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