Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Think My Boy is Gay

This weekend the weather was just beautiful, so we took the opportunity to repair our privacy fence at the top of the hill before the bushes leaf out. The fence panels were still okay, but the posts were rotting off and the fence was in danger of collapsing in a strong wind. Fortunately, Sarah was home to provide some "free" labor. (I'm sure that will cost me). In a few weeks, we won't even be able to get to the top of the hill because the bushes become so thick with leaves. However, the dogs have always been able to make it up there. In fact, Jake has a little "peek" hole dug under the fence so that he can flirt with his little girlfriend on the next street. We've never seen her, but somehow Jake knows when she's out... he'll jump and bark and beg until I let him out and he races to his peek hole, wagging and whining.

But with the fence panels down for repair, we finally got a look at his little French "ooh-la-la" sweetie pie. And we were a little shocked at what we saw. Mikko is a toy black poodle... about 1/10th Jake's size. But it wasn't Mikko's size that surprised us. It was the appendage on his tummy. Jake's girlfriend is a boy. And not only that, but judging from his little pink heart ID tag on his collar, he's a cross-dresser as well.
Does anyone have Dr. Phil's number?

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  1. Maybe Mikko is just trying to get in touch with his feminine side. I wouldn't be too concerned unless Jake comes back in the house with a pink tag on his collar. You have a lot of trials to enter! Wow.