Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Friend Gretchen

This is our friend Gretchen and this is a story that I like to tell. Gretchen is a rescue and she must have seen some pretty rough days in her early life. But lucky for her, she was rescued by someone with a lot of love and infinite patience. When I first met Gretchen, no one could touch her without her attacking their hand and sounding like she was fighting for her life. Perhaps in her mind, that is what she thought she was doing. Her new mom started bringing her to agility lessons and she did really well, as long as everyone left her alone. Fortunately though, we came to realize that her bark really was worse than her bite- literally- so we all began touching Gretchen every chance we got. At first it was hard, because she really sounded like you were about to lose your hand, but after a while we began to see through her. Her mom spent countless hours giving her the right balance of affection and discipline (I sound like Cesar Milan) Before long, Gretchen was speeding through the agility course with only an occasional side glance at a ring steward or a quick yap at the judge as she streaked by. After only one year of competing, Gretchen is now an advanced competitor, bringing home double-Qs, mach points, and blue ribbons. And to think that this little girl was having trouble finding a forever home.

We love you Gretchen!

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