Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a ConTEST!

Happy April! And no, this is not an april fool's joke! I'm making another attempt at a contest, though I still don't have many ideas for a prize. I thought about offering a free house cleaning, but heck, I would enter that myself, and since I know the answers, I'd win! So, instead, I'm offering a choice of:

a. $20 gift certificate to Lotta Watta Creek in O'Fallon, Ill (Yumm)

b. $20 gift certificate to Helping Udders (choose me!.. or not)

c. $20 to Walmart. You can't beat Walmart.

Here is a photo of my kids... aren't they the cutest? (study this hard) Maggie is on the left, Mopsy in the middle and Jake on the right. Got it?
Now that you've looked at them, see if you can recognize them from these body parts! All of the parts below come from one of my three dogs. Figure out what belongs to who and win your choice of the gifts above! I'll try to "grade" your answers and give feedback, so feel free to enter again and again based on the feedback. If someone doesn't win a couple days, I'll pick the nearest winner. You can email me the answers if you would prefer... leblanclori@charter.net

Okay, here are the body parts, click on the image below to see it larger.... GOOD LUCK!


  1. 1 - Mopsy
    2 - Maggie
    3 - Maggie
    4 - Mopsy
    5 - Jake
    6 - Jake
    7 - Jake
    8 - Maggie
    9 - Mopsy
    10 - Maggie
    11 - Mopsy
    12 - Maggie
    13 - Jake

    Some of these are really hard!!

  2. Mizzou girl has kicked started this game down the field for a first down! MIZZZZZOOOOUU!!!

    Seriously, she did pretty well, no surprise since she's lived with these dogs all their lives! But she still have FOUR wrong. No more hints for now. And Mizzou Girl... don't give out any more help for a while, K?

  3. No I didnt! I only missed one!! You're wrong!

  4. AussieK9s email entry moves her into first place with only 2 wrong! (see below) If you have been waiting to guess, now would be the time to get your entry in! Good luck! -Lori

    1 Mopsy
    2 Maggie
    3 Maggie
    4 Mopsy
    5 Jake
    6 Jake
    7 Jake
    8 Maggie
    9 Mopsy
    10 Jake
    11 Mopsy
    12 Jake
    13 Maggie

  5. From AussieK9:

    Ok not sure where I am but I think I want to change my list. According to your blog I have 2 wrong. Using the list on the blog change 12 to mopsy and 13 to Jake. That should be a winner!

    Sorry Aussie K9... you would still have 2 wrong with those changes. That should be a good hint to EVERYONE! But you are getting really close... I'm thinking that you are wanting the cold brew at LottaWatta to be playing THIS hard... Good Luck!