Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our friend Addie

I always said that I hoped I lived long enough to own one of every breed of dog I ever wanted. Unfortunately, the time is slipping away faster than I had anticipated, and I have wanted SO MANY dogs, that it just isn't going to happen. However, I've learned to live vicariously though my friends who own some pretty awesome dogs. So I thought I'd feature some of them now and again so you can meet them too.

This is Addie, and we met her and her mom through agility training. Addie is a Wiemaraner, which is correctly pronounced with a "V" sound in the front because it is a German breed, though to be honest, you rarely hear anyone say it that way unless they own Weims, or you are at a dog show. Though Weims are true athletes, you don't see too many of them running agility. Perhaps their owners are doing field work with them (they are bird dogs), maybe there are not that many of the, or perhaps it is just too much work to put of couple of these big dogs and all their stuff in your car and drive to a show. The ones we do see do very well in agility, and they look beautiful doing it with their shiny coats and big ears flapping in the wind.

But, despite her appearance with her large and athletic body, Addie is still a puppy inside. She enjoys running at you full speed until you believe you are about to be killed and then she veers off, wagging her tail and laughing at you. This is probably what I love about her the most... that and her big smoochy face...

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