Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why they call it "empty nest"

I used to think that the empty nest referred to the idea that the little babies had left. But after living through it, I'm wondering if it really means that all of our stuff has gone to live somewhere else.
When we went off to school "back in the old days," we didn't really take too much with us besides our clothes, and of course, our stereo. And we would rummage through trash and discount stores and come up with the materials to "decorate." Who did not have a bookshelf made with used lumber and concrete blocks? I also remember getting one of those cardboard boxes with drawers that is meant to store things and putting a mirror square on the top and calling that my bedside table. Our moms sent us with the old mis-matched towels "in case they get lost" and we drank from stadium cups and root beer mugs that someone had stolen from A&W.

But those days are over, as you can see in these photos of child 2's college apartment. But first a disclaimer... this is not really stuff out of our house. It is actually newer and nicer than the stuff in our house.
Here is Sarah trying to convince her dad that she really NEEDS a thermopedic memory foam mattress topper.
Sure, some of the stuff is "hand me down," but even that is some pretty nice quality. Add matching accessories and artwork and "voila!" you have a college apartment.
What ever happened to taping up posters that came inside your new album jacket...


  1. Hey Lori, I can vouge for the thermopedic toppers, they are wonderful!! I actually took mine to a herding clinic and slept on it in the back of my car lol! I had to fight the dogs for it and seem to remember I ended up in the crack between the edge of the topper and the wheel well...dogs were sleeping soundly. Figures.

  2. I really like that adorable apartment!! Your daughter sure is one lucky punk!!

    Although, she would be more lucky if she got that thermopedic mattress topper...