Thursday, February 19, 2009

Agility Photography

At almost every agility show, I buy photographs of my dog on the course. When I first started agility, I thought that I would take pictures of my friends dogs and save them them the money of buying photos. Yeah, well, that didn't really work out. I have a decent camera and a good lens, but those dogs are just too dang fast, and the light too low for me to get any good photos. Even at practice and adding a flash (strictly prohibited in the show) I can't take a good picture. Here is a photo of our friend Addie living up to the nickname "grey ghost." Her big ears look like they were being used as a propeller for extra lift and I can see through them.

I had a little better luck with this photo.... at least her ears are not see-through, but her paws have ghosts. Plus I tried to "photoshop" her red eyes out... they made her look posessed. I think the only reason this one looks a little better is because she was jumping toward me instead of crossing a plane in front of me. If you zoom in, you can see that there is still quite a bit of motion there.
But even if I had a fast camera/lens, I would still have problems....
Here is a picture of another ones of our friends coming
out of the chute.
Unfortunately, I was too slow at pressing the shutter, so all I
got were two back feet. Not enough to even know who it was coming out of the chute... Auggie? Mad
I think I need to buy a faster lens, but that would cut into my agility budget. So, unless I can figure out how to make my existing equipment work, I'll still be standing in line to buy pictures at every agility show.
By the way, thanks to Addie for standing in for these horrible pictures. Addie is really quite beautiful normally, so she is being a good sport letting me show these bad pictures of her. And Madison/Auggie, whoever you are... sorry about my ineptitude... that might have been a good picture!

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