Friday, February 13, 2009

Cesar, I need your whisper!

Maggie had her annual check up today, which was, as always, totally uneventful... except for the fact that Maggie believes it is a house of horrors and she is terrified from the moment the vet walks in. I cannot understand how this dog can fearlessly scale any agility obsticle, pile of rubble, or leap into the unknown simply because I tell her to, yet be so fearful of this really nice guy. He comes in and gives her treats and she begins shaking. We lift her to the table and she tucks her tail so far that it comes back out between her front legs. I actually muzzle her because I worry what could happen with his face so close and her fear so large (though she's never actually taken a snap at anyone... except for Chris' nose, but that is another story). He can barely listen to her heart because it is racing and can't palpate her abdomen because it is so tense. She gets her vaccinations, I lift her to the floor and as soon as he leaves she gives a good shake and heads right to the toy rack. She puts her paws on the counter and begs the receptionist for a treat and she stops to say hello to all the rest of the people on the way out. I often wonder what would happen if Dr. B was standing in the waiting room when we left... I'll bet she'd run over for a pat and end up wetting herself when she realized it was him.


  1. What I think is that she got scared one time, and you made her think it was okay. And everytime you go to the vet, you expect her to get scared and nervous, and it makes her scared and nervous.

    Do you think that maybe she's getting some vibe from you??

  2. I can so relate to this. My Sophie vibrates when we are sitting in the waiting room, the longer the wait, the stronger the vibrations. I actually enjoy taking Fynn though, its the only time he's quiet ;). The vet staff think he is just the sweetest thing...little do they know he is a wild man the rest of the time. He puts on what I call his "Precious Moment Eyes" and everyone swoons over him. Suckers. I've given up trying to get them over it, I just ignore it and act like normal and we get thru the visit as fast as possible!