Saturday, February 14, 2009

My funny valentine...

I have a newfound respect for William Wegman... he's the guy that takes all the cool pictures of his Weimaraners. Every time I see them I think "I could get my dog to do that" but it isn't as easy as I thought. For instance, I thought that it would be easy to get Maggie and Jake to lay in the shape of a heart. But as you can see, we couldn't quite make it happen. I could get their butts into the top of the heart, but every time I pushed their heads toward each other, they would straighten out their front legs... "get out of my face!" "no, you get out of MY face!" Maybe a Weim would have been more posable. Or else maybe I should have brushed their teeth first...????

But these two are not my funny valentine anyway. Since I started this blog, I've been talking entirely about Maggie and Jake and you might think that those were the only two dogs I have. But waiting patiently in the wings is my funny valentine....

Now how could you not love that face? This is our little 15 year old princess, Mopsy-she is an American Cocker. We got her when the kids were little and she has stuck around only because we give her snacks. In fact, I had to say "I've got a cookie!" just to get her to come in here to take a picture. She bullies the big dogs around, she forces me to scoot over in bed or on the couch to make room for her, and she is a grooming nightmare. But look at that face.... who could keep from falling in love with that little face- my funny little valentine!
Happy Valentine's Day to all the hearts at your house, the two-footed and the four-footed ones.

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  1. Mopsy surely is the prettiest pretty princess in the whole world!

    AND she has fuzzy lips!! I just want to kiss them!!