Thursday, February 19, 2009

Give that photo a name!

Gloom, Dispair, and Agony on Me....

I have to travel next week and I'm busy all weekend, so I'm packing my suitcase tonight. The dogs have learned what that means and sit around looking all gloomy from the time I get my luggage out.

But since I'm going to be putting the blog on hold for almost a week, there is a reward for you, my faithful (and few) readers. Come up with the most creative name for either of these photos (Maggie is on the bed, Jake is on the computer chair) while I'm gone and put it in "comments." I'll pick my favorite (sorry, it's biased) and the winner will get a $20 gift certificate to Hellping Udders. If you are not familiar with them, check out their webpage at: You've got a few days to think about it, and I don't even mind if you enter more than once or tell your friends! I'll read them when I get back and pick a winner.


  1. For the first photo of maggie

    "Sigh..Maybe dad will take me to class...."

    Second photo of Jakey

    "Mom, can you bring me back a present.....plleease?"

  2. Maggie: "I wonder how I can sneak into her suitcase..."

    Jake: "I miss my Sarah..."


  3. Maggie: "I'm going where?"

    Jake: "Where is everyone?"

  4. Maggie: where's my stuff?

    Jake: I'm bored .... sigh

    from meghan street