Tuesday, January 26, 2010

dog people are crazy

Yes, we are quite crazy, and I have photographic proof of just one element of our craziness.

This weekend, our agility friends (Gretchen and her mom) shared the news that they were "expecting." Usually, that news gives you a few months to plan baby showers and get everything ready for the new little bundle of joy. But for us doggy people, it meant that Sunday, after the show, Gretchen and her mom were driving to who-knows-where to pick out the next best agility dog in the world. With only a few days notice, we had to assemble a proper "baby" shower. Because it was the location of the agility show, the shower was at the Douglas County (KS) fairgrounds in the arena. With metal walls. On dirt. With dog hair flying around. (Hey, nothing but the best for our friends!) Addie's mom managed to find a bakery in Lawrence that would not only bake a doggy shower cake, but be open before 6 am to pick it up before the show. While Gretchen and her mom were running their first run, we set up the party.

We had baby gifts and even an "it's a Girl!" balloon.
We still don't know what the new little dumpling's name is... though I understand that Gretchen and her mom are accepting ideas. The new baby is a black female Schnauzer so if you have any great ideas, post them and I will forward them along.

And if you are ever in Lawrence and need bakery goods, we cannot say enough nice things about Munchers Bakery (9th and Iowa) who not only took this last minute order, but managed to draw a perfect little schnauzer puppy on the top.

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