Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old photos

For any of you that do Facebook, you are aware that many people are posting old photos of themselves for their profile picture. So, I pulled out that old file of photos and looked for an appropriate photo. I found this lovely snapshot of me in all my teenage dorkiness:

In case you did not immediately appreciate all that is dorky about this, draw your attention to the fact that I am in a JON boat in a BIKINI with my hair in pig tails (I believe that we called them "dog ears" back then to differentiate from pig tails which were braided). To top it all off, I am CROCHETING. I wish I could see the yarn so I could remember what exactly I was making... I think it might have been the granny square sweater. Boy did I look snappy in that!

While I was looking I came across this picture:

A couple of things strike me immediately about this photo. First, the Tyra Banks "America's Next Top Model" pose. Though honestly, I was probably scratching a chiggar bite. Next, I am struck by how much I look latino. I don't ever remember being latino. I do remember that vinyl table cloth, though. We kept it on the table that was on our carport. We ate almost every meal on the carport from about April to October. And before this moment, it never struck me as odd. But perhaps the most interesting part of this photo (and you have to look very close) is what is on the table. Frosted Flakes, coffee cups and Falstaff. That crocheting in the Jon boat is looking more normal....


  1. IT's amazing what we thought of as "normal" growing up, only to find out other families don't do those things!

  2. Is that Flagstaff beer on the table?