Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Goodbye

Well that time has come again... the day that all parents of college-aged kids love... and hate. We've shipped her off to school five times before.... why doesn't it get any easier? Her car is loaded to the ceiling, we've gone over all the "don't forget to" reminders. The car is full of gas and the tire pressure and the antifreeze have been checked several times. The laundry is done, and we've had our obligatory "last supper" (Steak and Shake). But the goodbye hug is the hardest... you know you want to send them out into the world, but you also want to hang on... for a few more minutes at least. And then, when you see the car roll away, you know that your next few hours will be consumed with praying them safely to their destination.

And to think, we used to think "it will get easier when they are older." Now I realize that it was a lot easier when they were little.

Happy journey little one! Drive carefully, study hard, be safe and don't fall for any of the boys that want to take you from me.

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  1. Parents are so dramatic. LOL. Easy for me to say right-all my "kids" never grow up and leave home. Hope she has a safe trip and a great semester!