Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dog Whispers

I like to think that I know what my dogs are thinking and even what they are talking about. There was a big conversation going on last night and I'll try to translate it into English as best as possible. It went sort of like this:

(J = Jake, M = Maggie)

J: "Hey Maggie, wake up!"

M: (yawning) "What time is it?"

J: "It's about 2"

M: "What do you want"

J: "I smell snow"

M: " WHAT!!"

J: "I can't see out, Mom shut the curtains"

M: "Well, we need to go out and see. Wake Dad up to let us out"

J: "I'm not waking Dad up. YOU wake him up"

M: "We'll wake up Sarah, she'll let us out"

[entering Sarah's room]


J: "uh oh. You woke Mopsy up. You are in BIG trouble"

M: "Sorry Mopsy, I was just checking... to... see if you were warm enough. Yeah, that's right"

J: "I guess we'll have to wake mom up"

Both: [lick, lick, wiggle, wiggle, whine, whine]

Me: "What? What time is it? I have to go to work tomorrow.... What? You need to go out?, okay"

It is at this point that both dogs go outside, not to potty, not to chase bunnies, not to protect our home, but to PLAY IN THE SNOW. Yes. A 2 am romp in the snow. But that is not the worst.... they played out this same scenario several more times during the night. Didn't want to pee or check out anything, just HAD to go out and play in the snow. And stupid me, half asleep, I fell for it over and over. By 4:30 I was awake enough to grab my camera and take pictures of their shenanigans.
Tonight, I'm wearing earplugs.

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