Sunday, June 7, 2009


I just finished a 2 day agility seminar run by Joan Meyer. Anyone involved in agility recognizes her name from AKC National and International Agility, USDAA Agility Grand Prix, Purina Incredible Dog Challenge etc., etc. I don't think there is an agility competition she hasn't won. Anyway, she set up one big course and kept rearranging the numbers to create extraordinarily difficult challenges for us and the dogs. And after we struggled, she give us tips on how to make it easier... often coming up with ideas that NONE of us had thought of. And what makes Joan really unique is that for each of us, she would have specific recommendations based on how we and our dogs run.
But, by day 2 in the sun that "gentle slope" on Purina's agility field began to feel like the Grand Canyon. When I got home last night I had to stand by the car for a few minutes to give my legs a chance to unbend. My face is burnt to a crisp, my muscles are screaming and I have not unpacked the car yet.
Remind me why I do this again? Oh yes, it's FUN! .... and Maggie had a great time. But Joan really kicked my butt... I feel like I've been run over. Thanks Joan (I think).

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