Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hooray for Peoria Training Club!

I want to say a few thing about the trial in Peoria, but frankly, I almost want to keep it my own little secret. This was a very small trial.... less than 1/2 the number of dogs we are used to for a one judge show. But because it was small, it had some definite advantages. First, and most obviously, there were not 5 hours of 20 inch dogs. There were not 5 hours of any size dogs. Nevertheless, they ran the show with a great deal of organization so that it went quickly. We ran FAST, JWW, and then STD; we were done by 12:30 on Saturday, 11:30 on Sunday. But there was no rushing or tension, there was plenty of time for walk-thrus, time to get your dog, no stress over anything. The facility was nice-good (shady) parking, crate in or close to your car if you want, indoor restrooms, and the club even furnished a nice lunch. And to top it off, everyone was nice. The club members not only cheered one another on, but they applauded and congratulated strangers. This is a trial that I will return to again and again. Tell your friends, but not too many of them, okay?

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