Friday, June 19, 2009

Contest... #2

Okay, Aussiedog (are you the same as AussieK9?) moves out to the front of the pack. No surprise there. But just for the record, I need you to be a little more specific. I'll count "DC" as a correct answer, but I was looking for "US Capitol, Washington DC" or something like that.

But that was an easy one... let's see if you get this one as fast... I need the name of the hotel in the background.


  1. The hotel is two in one:
    Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada Floors 1-34
    Four Seasons, Las Vegas, Nevada Floors 35-39

    Woof Woof

  2. Chris, Aussiedog and aussiek9s are all the same. I keep forgetting how I logged in. Plus, I have a new modem/router and it keeps dropping me when I check out your blog! Can I win a new modem and router instead of the $20 gift card? This is a struggle.

  3. Holy cow! Where oh where can this picture be taken?

    Those dogs really get around! I wish I had that kind of social schedule.