Wednesday, June 17, 2009

catching up...

Sorry I have been so far behind in posts. Obviously I can't blame my knee injury because I don't type with my knees. ANYWAY...., following last Tuesday's incident, by leg had to be kept completely straight. Any bending caused great pain, and it wouldn't hold any weight. And with a three day show in Paducah that weekend, I was crushed. But rather than sit home with ice packs, Sarah loaded up the car and we headed off to Kentucky with me providing Agility 101 instruction along the entire route. Seeing me on crutches, several other handlers took pity on her and helped her walk the course... then they made jokes about throwing her into this situation. She would be running a super-fast dog in Excellent against experienced handlers-and she'd never run a dog before. She should have been freaked out, but if she was, she didn't show it. In fact, her first run went so well that-even with a slight mistake and no Q-strangers came to congratulate her on her nice run. It was somewhere around that point that she got infected with the "agility bug" and from that point was addicted. The rest of the weekend (in the ring) went about the same... she had 99.9% correct runs with little errors that stole the Q. Maggie ran well for her, and Sarah did a nice job.
Thankfully, my knee started getting better and by Sunday I could hobble slowly with no crutches. Hopefully, I can get back to running soon- before Sarah steals my dog and I have to get a new one!
- more about Paducah to come....

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