Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Neither wind nor rain...

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor the winds of change, nor a nation challenged, will stay us from the swift completion of our appointed ...

Agility show.

We went to Davenport Iowa this weekend (yes, in February- why would I be surprised at snow!) Anyway, it was bitterly cold with whipping winds and swirling snow. BUT, this was one of the best trials we have been to in a long time. What makes a good trial for us? Certainly running well helps, but there are a lot of more important features.
1) The facility. Quad City Dog Training Center (or something like that) is a really nice facility. Despite the cold and winds, the building was heated well with nice turf. The crating space was a little tight, but certainly not the worst we've seen. Though if you have a dog with issues, you might want to set up early to avoid a long walk through crowded aisles.
2) The equipment. Again, this facility was great. Some of the very best equipment we've ever used. Even the ring gating was nice.
3) No delays. There were plenty of volunteers and course changes happened in minutes. Plus, the club ran all Excellent before open and novice all three days, so we got our runs done and got out of the way.
4) Friendly. Very friendly group of people and we met a lot of new friends.
5) Other- From little things like a balcony to video tape from to wonderful catered breakfast and lunch... I just can't say enough nice about this venue.

I was a little lukewarm on our hotel choice (LaQuinta-Moline) because it had very little grass. But it was pretty inexpensive, so I can't really complain.

Anyway, as I type this, I'm thinking... perhaps we should all get together and create a website that rates agility venues and associated lodging... thoughts?

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