Monday, February 20, 2012

the face I love

While it is Maggie's tremendous bursts of speed, and her extraordinarily long strides that bring us the first place ribbons, it is this face, waiting for my command, that most touches my heart.
This weekend, Maggie earned her third agility champion title (MACH) and at times like this, I always like to take some time to think about her and why we do what we do. Clearly, she loves this sport, but even more than that, she loves to do what I ask of her. Sometimes I think about how much she trusts me and would take any jump I pointed at, or climb anything I asked her to without regard for her own safety. It is humbling to think how much she will do for me, and the responsibility that level of trust and devotion carries with it.
She is my first performance dog, my first rescue dog, and the dog that has made more impact on my life than any other.
Thank you Maggie, for changing my life.