Thursday, March 1, 2012

Crating Space

What is it about crating space that turns normal people into crazies? For the uninitiated, when you go to an agility trial, there is space set aside for "crating," meaning that this is where you set your dog crate, chair and other junk. At some trials, it can be very roomy and people bring tables for snacks, or chairs that recline. At others, crating is very tight and your dog's crate is butted up against the next... and sometimes the club members will "police" the crating space, moving stuff down to ensure that you have not wasted space.
But whether the crating is spacious or tight, every trial has a handful (or more) of people that get there way before the allotted time to get the "prime" crating space. Now granted, there are some people who need a space for a reason. If you have a reactive dog, you don't want to have to climb over everyone to get out. But for most of us, it DOESN'T REALLY MATTER. (ahhh, I can hear the rumbles of disdain as I say that). Nevertheless, there is tension, and anger, and anxiety over who sits where and how much space they are using and who is saving space for someone else. I swear, it feels like high school.
I wish that there were a better way... if someone knows a club that has a good way of dealing with crating space issues, I'd love to hear it.

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