Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's swim season

It's that time of year... actually, it is past that time of year, but fortunately, Maggie can't read the calendar. We had to repaint the pool this year and we have been waiting for 5 or 6 sunny days to get it done... and it took until last week to get them. So we are a few weeks behind on pool opening. The hose went in yesterday and the water is still about 4 feet down from the top. But that won't stop Maggie and it only took one word- "okay" and she was in the water. Her "shadow" Reba wasn't quite so sure. But after lifting her down to the shallow end where she could still touch the bottom, she got her fearlessness back and the next time Maggie jumped in, Reba took off after her, swimming like she'd been doing it all her life.
She quickly realized that she liked swimming and she was chasing Maggie all around the pool. She even tried dragging the jolly ball around for a while (which is a lot of work for a beginning swimmer.)
By the time we convinced them it was time to get out and dry off we had realized that we've got a second water crazy dog on our hand. I think we will be struggling all summer to keep them OUT of the pool.

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