Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swimtime and a surprise!

There are few days that rank up there with agility trials, but today was one of them. Maggie has always been a swimmer, but until now, she had to make do with me, doing the dog paddle. This summer, her new best buddy Reba, swims along side her for hours on end. Reba's first time in the water we went slowly so that she wouldn't be afraid, but this little dog had no fear. She took to the water like a duck takes to.... well.... she really likes the water.
She's actually more crazy than Maggie and will hop in for a lap or two when you let them out to potty. She will even hop on the raft and "surf" to the opposite side of the pool.
I am trying to convince myself that riding that raft, with the bumps and twists from the water gives her better balance and muscle strength for agility. I totally made that up, but if the tippy boards help, then this certainly would, wouldn't it?
Anyway, we had a great day in the pool, and I very carefully took my camera into the water to get some shots of their splashing. I managed to get a few good shots without getting too much water on it... I've posted a few of them here.

So, in honor of a glorious day in the pool, I've decided to have a contest. The contest is easy, just send me a comment that would go in Reba's or Maggie's "talk bubble (right now it points to Ree, but I can adjust it to Maggie, or both to fit your entry). Make sure that you put something in your entry to tell me who you are, because next Sunday (July 4) I'll pick the best entry, and send you a $20 gift certificate to Helping Udders, OR, make a donation of $25 to the dog rescue of your choice. I'll put the best comments in the talk bubble and post them here on Monday.
Good luck and Happy Summer!


  1. See Maggie, I told you a belly-flop would be fun!

    Stacey M.

  2. Those are some great shots-I should bring legend over to join them!

    OK, here's my entry
    Maggie: Reba, do you see there is still a dry spot here on the concrete? Get back in the pool and help me wet it down. It's our job to keep everything wet and clean!

  3. Hey....if mom asks you, tell her you dont know where the "floating rocks" in the pool came from !!!

    Sam E.

  4. Here's my entry:

    If I've told you once, I've told you at least a hundred swimming for at least 30 minutes after you've eaten!

  5. Photo #1
    Team Jacob

    From Abby & Meghan Street

  6. Photo #2
    Come on Baby let's do the twist.

    From Chris S.

  7. Photo #3
    It's a Bird...It's a Plane...
    no it's MAGGIE!!!

  8. Photo #6
    I hate the Paparazzi

    From Chris S.

  9. (from Judith)

    "Why ya getting out? Did you PEE in the pool?"

  10. photo 1..... I learned this move from my friend Super Neil

    Last photo Nice workout with 100 laps. I will challenge you with more tomorrow

  11. Your not getting out until you tell me what you did with my margarita.
    Last photo