Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's been a dry spell....

I can't believe that there was a time when I updated my blog almost daily... these days it seems that I don't have time to ... to.... well, ANYTHING! (except dog shows.... always time for that).
The last few weeks have held some interesting events. First, Maggie and I have been to a LOT of dog shows, but those priceless double Qs seemed to elude us. We were at near 50%, and we had the same number of Jumpers Qs as Standard, but we couldn't get them on the same day. Then this weekend came and we didn't Q at all on Friday or Saturday. Ouch! We've almost never had it that bad before. I was threatening to quit agility (I didn't mean it though... it was a meaningless threat like when I say I'm never eating chocolate again). Anyway, I guess Maggie overheard me because she had two great runs on Sunday and we got Double Q number 15 - even though I had at least one handling bobble in the jumpers run which she overcame (I love that dog). So I may threaten to quit a lot in the future, maybe it helps with the mo-jo.
More importantly than agility (ha, I'll bet that surprised you.... there is almost NOTHING more important than agility!) my little Jake boy is healing well. Jake, who has always had a taste for fabric managed to swallow a mans tube sock whole and get an obstruction. But thanks to the folks at Webster Groves Animal Hospital, Jake is getting back to normal, albeit with a shaved belly. But for a few days I was a basket case with worry over him.
Hopefully, things are settling back into "normal" now, we have upcoming trials, but we have a weekend off now and then to catch up. Meanwhile, kiss your furry kids today, because you never know when it is time for them to cross the rainbow bridge.

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  1. a good reminder that nothing in life is certain, so glad Jake is ok, that sounds so scary, glad he is doing well