Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reba Redhead

School is out and Sarah and Reba have come home for the summer- to my great happiness, and Maggie's disdain. It isn't that Maggie doesn't like Reba, it is just that Miss Reba has no "off" switch. Not even a "pause" or a "give me a sec." I guess Maggie was like that at one time, but honestly, I don't remember it.
She remembered where the dog toys are stashed and can clean the entire basket out in a few minutes. Her favorites are the deer antlers which she leaves laying right where a person would step on their way to the bathroom at night.
She has been very good about giving respect to the old cocker... one glance from a cloudy eye and Reba backs off or lays down. She's given Jake a little trouble now and then, but the minute she tries to herd him with a nip to the foot, he lets her have it and then she avoids him for a few hours. Maggie on the other hand, isn't so assertive, so Reba nips her ankles, pulls her tail, even gets in her face and laughs while Maggie is offering her most menacing growl and toothy snarl. Somehow Reba knows it is all bluff and play bows and swings her butt into Maggie's face. Eventually, she will tire, and leave Maggie alone for a few minutes. But as soon as Maggie goes ANYWHERE, Reba is right beside her. You can almost hear her "where ya' goin'?" "want to play?" "whatcha' lookin' at?" Maggie pretends to ignore her, but I think she sort of likes being the leader now and then, so she takes Reba for a walk-about.
One thing different about Ree than my dogs is that she likes to watch television. A recent NatGeo special with cows mooing really sparked her interest. Since we know she enjoys TV, we wern't surprised to see her glued the TV watching her namesake. I wouldn't even be surprised if she started singing along.

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