Monday, April 5, 2010

Peace and Quiet

Sometimes peace and quiet is overrated. Sarah and the new puppy, Reba (or Ree) have gone back to school. Having a young dog in the house again has made me realize how mature Maggie has gotten; though I still think of her as a young dog, she is already 5 years old. And while I appreciate the fact that those years have gotten us to a place where I can count on her to do whatever I ask (sit, stay, come) I had forgotten how much fun a young dog's antics can be. Even a simple trip to the backyard to go potty meant that Ree had to grab the jollyball and race around the yard a time or two. She would play bow to Maggie and Jake, trying to get them involved in a chase, but they are above that, so they snubbed her. And though it wasn't a very long chase, Mopsy would do her best to accomodate and give her a little run now and then. Bless her heart, the old girl still can run pretty quick, but I'm always afraid she'll run into something, so I'd put a stop to it when it got a little rambunctious.
Thanks to a handful of really good friends, Sarah is prepared to get this girl off on the right foot. At this weekend's agility trial, they surprised her with a "baby" shower and everything she needs for a new dog. She's even had a lesson with a professional trainer to give her some ideas on how to begin. I wish I had been this prepared with my first dog.
Meanwhile, I'll count the (quiet) days until they are home again....

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