Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too much holidays

Maggie and I had an agility lesson last night after almost a month off (we have not done anything since the Tulsa trial the first weekend of December). Maggie was full of herself, racing around the obstacles on her own and jumping up to give me a little nip now and then to keep me going. And I can't blame her, after all of the holiday food and treats, I do sort of look like a sheep! On top of that, it looks like she's put on a few pounds as well, which isn't good for running and jumping. So today, after I get a few errands done, I think we'll head over to our training facility and see if we can't sneek in some practice before this weekend.
Speaking of this weekend, we will compete in our first USDAA trial (we usually do AKC). While USDAA seems like it might be more fun (more runs per day) we don't have as many USDAA trials close by, so that would mean more travelling. And my pesky JOB gets in the way of that. Hopefully we can shake out some of her "happy feet" and get her back a little more normal before Friday.
If any of you feel inclined, the trial is at Vetta Sports in Fairview Heights, IL. Maybe we'll see you there.
Happy New Year!
Lori, Maggie, Mopsy and Jake

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