Friday, December 18, 2009

Nativity insanity continues

I would not have recognized this as a Nativity set at first. Or even after that.
Speaking of not recognizing something as a Nativity set, this once took a few minutes also, though you have to love Joseph's beard.... (this one has a cool $188 price tag if you are interested)
Artistic expression, blah, blah,.... I can see a Mary and maybe a Jesus, but what is the other thing? It looks sort of like a bottle opener to me. And what is with the hole for faces. Strange.

I don't know why I included this one. I don't see anything wrong with it... I even appreciate the breeds they chose... baby Jesus is a Golden Retreiver
: )

So are these teddy bears or real bears? How do you know?

Just wierd. Can't come up with anything clever about this except the obvious.
"Always after me Lucky Charms!"

Last and certainly worst of all the Nativity scenes (go ahead, top this one, I dare you...)
For your Christmas "enjoyment":
Jesus, Joseph, and Marty:

No more. I promise.

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