Sunday, August 23, 2009

What the heck is she doing?

Did you ever get the photos off your camera and think, "I don't remember taking this picture...." Well these pictures are sort of like that. I remember taking pictures this morning- we arrived at the agility show site right as the sun was coming up, and there was thick fog. The sun shining through the fog gave everything an ethereal quality. That alone should have been reason to grab my camera, but honestly I didn't think about having it with me until Carol said, "I'm sure glad you aren't taking pictures of me with these goofy boots!" That was all the motivation I needed and I grabbed for the camera.

So anyway, I remember taking the photos, but I can't remember what it is that Carol was doing as I shot them. I'm sure she has some perfectly sane, logical explanation, but frankly, I'm not all interested in that. I'd rather hear what you think she might be doing. Especially if your explanation is entirely improbably, or extremely funny. So what do you think? Choir practice? The Hokey Pokey? Whatever it is, she is clearly doing it alone, because the dogs are giving her that "you want me to do WHAT?" look.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like she is trying to direct them as a choir. Oh I miss you too. Hopefully we all see each other soon.