Saturday, August 1, 2009

For posterity...

They say it is a small world, and I think that goes double in the dog world because we see some of the very same people at every show. Last weekend, I had a long chat with Jeanette, a fellow handler that I have known for almost 25 years... when I had my first cocker and I went to obedience classes. She brought pictures of her dogs from back then and it was so nice to see those little faces again. The next day I had planned to bring pictures of my dog from back then, but sadly, I couldn't really find any good pictures. It seems that once my kids were born, the only dog photos I took were ones where the dog had wandered into the shot.

Because I don't want this to happen again, I decided to dedicate some time to taking pictures of my old girl, Mopsy, who will turn 15 next month. Taking the pictures was a little bittersweet. Until I focused the lens on her, I had not realized how she has aged. She still plays, but tires faster. Her teeth are getting worn down and her muzzle and ears are silver where they were once shiny black. But perhaps the hardest thing for me to see are her eyes... all clouded over- I don't know how much she can even see anymore. But I can tell you this, she rarely misses a piece of popcorn tossed her direction.

But some parts of her never seem to change... I've always loved seeing her little nub of a tail- docked WAY to short as compared to breed standard. But without anything to wag, she's always made up for it by wagging her entire butt.

And something about her little teddy bear feet always make me smile. How cute is that, huh?

Oh Mopsy girl, I'm so sorry that time is taking its toll on you... but you'll always be a puppy in my heart.

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