Thursday, April 16, 2009

Running styles

Our friend Addie is big muscular Weimaraner that runs agility with us. Compared to Maggie, she always looks like she is taking her time on the agility course, but suprisingly enough, her times and Maggie's are always within seconds of one another. While Maggie is taking her small fast steps and quick turns, Addie takes huge ground eating strides that propel her big body at a deceptive pace. Of course this places an extra burden on her handler who has to time her commands perfectly, giving Addie time to slow down enough to make a turn without a wipeout. (speaking of which, I have a wipeout video of Addie I'll try to find and post later this week). At any rate, here is an example of Addie with a blue ribbon (1st place) run where she is running fast, but not border-collie-crazy-fast... nevertheless, her time beat some of those crazy border collies...

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