Monday, April 27, 2009

Not this weekend!

Yikes, I don't remember when we've had a worse agility trial. I keep trying to remind myself that it isn't easy and that you can't expect to win all the time, but we are sort of spoiled and this was hard to take. The courses were exceptionally difficult for dogs with long strides... this judge shows toy breeds and it was obvious in his courses. As usual, Maggie and I were able to do all the really hard things in the courses but then would make one itty, bitty, tiny mistake that would cost us our Q. You know what I don't understand? Why is it that we take 19 obstacles perfectly and make one mistake? Why can't we run the entire course perfectly for 19 trials and then have one where we mess up everything? It would still be the same percentage of mistakes...
But, on a happier note, I did get to spend the weekend with Sarah at her apartment, and we went to doggy restaurants and the dog park and had a great time despite our disappointing performace in the ring. And of course, ribbons or not, spending time with our dog friends is always a winner!

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