Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guilty Guilty Guilty

Maggie is having a serious guilt attack this morning and won't look at me. But you'll never believe why she is feeling so bad. "Someone" got into the trash last night. Not Maggie... Mopsy and/or Jake did it... but they are not the least bit bothered. Maggie is feeling bad because she couldn't stop them. Okay, I know you are wondering how I know all this, but believe me, we've had this for years.

The first time Maggie was about 18 months old and she would not settle down for the night. For hours she paced, whined, scratched to get out... and we tried everything to settle her down. Finally, I went outside thinking she was getting sick, and she ran right to the back gate that was standing open. I shut it and you could hear her sigh and she ran inside and went to bed. She couldn't sleep with the gate open! That summer we realized that we could leave the gate open while she was outside because she would not let the other two cross out of the yard.

If I leave a cabinet door ajar, she will stand guard and prevent the two ruffians from going on a midnight raid. When we leave the house we put a baby gate across the spare bedroom and leave them there. However, if Maggie leaves with us, the other two easily jump the short gate that holds them when Maggie is home. Bottom line, she has taken it upon herself to be the babysitter for the other two, and they don't make it easy for her.

Somehow last night the other two got a few pieces of trash out of the can before she was able to end their party and she is curled up in the back of my closet and doesn't want to come out. The only way to perk her up is to get her back to work so I think I'll put some cheese in the trash and encourage the brats to try to get it out. She won't let it happen twice in the same day.

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