Friday, March 30, 2012

AKC Nationals Envy

Several of our friends have made the journey to Reno this week to compete in the AKC Nationals. Though we qualified for Nationals in the first few months, I decided that the trip was just too far of a drive (1850 miles, each way). And while I still think that was the right decision, I cannot help but look with longing at the photos and stories our friends are posting. There is an energy level at Nationals that you just don't get at a regular trial.
Meanwhile, we have been having great weather, so we have started "unpacking" the dog's favorite toy- the swimming pool. Sure, it is still too cold for humans, but the dogs don't seem to care, so this weekend they should be back in swimming heaven.
And if I don't fill up the entire weekend with backyard projects, I hope to get my camera out and play with my new lens. I've only had a few opportunities to use it so far and have been very happy with the results.

Here are two photos of friend's dogs that I took at last weekend's agility trial- just point and shoot- no special setting or editing (except to compress the image size for the web). Overall, I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to play more!


  1. Wow, great photos! Good to hear you're enjoying the new camera.

  2. Oh how well I know that 'Nationals Envy Syndrome'. It happens here each October.

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