Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy beginnings

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing a rescue placed in his forever home. A few weeks ago, we got a photo from a shelter of a red and white border collie that had been relinquished by his owner at 9 months old (too hyper- a border collie puppy- really?) A few days later I picked him up from the shelter in the middle of nowhere. The volume of barking was indescribable, and I can't even begin to guess how many dogs were on the other side of the wall. The red and white boy was led out on a rope and he stood still and silent as other dogs charged at their crates, snapping his direction. Clearly he had shelter shock, but you could see that his eyes were still lively. His coat was dry and dirty, and his skin sprinkled with fleas and flea dirt. He cautiously loaded into my car and I delivered him to meet with his guardian angel.. his new foster mother. Two short weeks later I saw him again as he was delivered to his forever home, to a family that I know will give him the love and attention (and training) that he needs. In that two short weeks, his foster family had already removed some of the fear, as well as all of the dirt and smell, and gave him a new beginning.
Today Gibbs is playing with his new family, eating a healthy balanced diet, learning to walk on a leash and to come for a treat. He will probably get brushed, and petted, and talked to in soft and gentle words. He will probably play with a toy that was bought for him.
This warms my heart and makes my life full.

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