Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It isn't all his fault

First of all.... I decided to start blogging again. Several people mentioned lately that they enjoyed reading it (though I can't imagine why) so I've decided to pick up my virtual pencil and begin again. Second, it may surprise you to know that this, my first post in many months is not about dogs.
Lately when I look in my email or at Facebook, I am bombarded with messages about what a bad job the president is doing. Now before you get up in arms, please know that I did not vote for Obama, and I am just as unhappy with many of the issues of our country as anyone else. However, to blame it all on one man is unrealistic.
What made America great is the work ethics, the perserverence, and the sense of responsibility that previous generations brought. Today, many Americans want to do as little work as possible, get instant gratification, and blame it on someone else when things don't go right.
So, before you blame it all on the president, ask yourself some tough questions to see if you aren't also at least a little bit to blame. Have you cheated a friend, a co-worker, or a stranger? Have you ever cheated on your taxes? Do you yearn for a get-rich-quick scheme? Have you bent the rules when filing an insurance claim, or a reimbursement at your work? Are you really teaching your kids about the value of hard work? And are you willing to give a little more than you are required at your job, to your spouse, to your community, to your church?
It is easy enough to sit back and blame this all on one man or even blame it on congress... but we need to recognize that to repair this will require us all to give up on some things and to work harder than before, just to stay the same. If we are not willing to do that, then perhaps we are to blame as well.

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