Friday, October 7, 2011

Six more months 'til spring

This happens to us every year... August is hot and we say "let's leave the pool open later" even though almost everyone in the midwest closes on Labor Day. So we postpone winterizing our pool and, like the weather looks at the calendar, there is a cold snap and it is much too cold for the next few weeks. We shake our heads and say "yep, summer is over" and we set aside a Sunday afternoon to drain the filter, put antifreeze in the lines, and put the cover on the pool. Before we do, we let the dogs in for one last swim- because they will jump in no matter how cold it is.

Then, a few days or a week later it is back to 80 degree days. This weekend we expect highs in the mid-80s with full sun. And a pool that is covered with a tarp. If I were not leaving town for an agility show, that tarp would be coming off, I'll tell you that!

Meanwhile, I have a countdown clock in my head, counting the days/weeks/months until we can open the pool again. Maybe we should move further south....

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