Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My kind of woman...

Okay, I'm still flipping through the 100's of old photos. I wish I was doing it on a projector with the whole family so that I could be asking "who is that?" "When were they there?" etc. I have SO many questions.

This photo especially brings up a lot of questions. It is a picture of my mom, I'm guessing around 1960.

The most obvious question is "who goes fishing in a freaking skirt?" But the answer is pretty obvious, too... I guess my mom did... what a surprise. But I have other questions... what did she use for bait? What does it feel like to reel in a bass that big? Who taught her to fish?

But the very biggest question of all... what happened to the woman who would go fishing alone in a skirt and catch a trophy size largemouth on a cheap Zebco reel?

(I miss her)

1 comment:

  1. Could she handle a short fishing trip? If the answer is yes, let's take her next spring! I think it would be fun..even if all she did was sit on the bank and smile.