Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From Hell to Hero

I just got an email about a rescue Pitbull named Gunny that has been entered in an online poll for "World's Most Amazing Dog." His owner has created a video about his life and you can see it on youtube:

What touches me the most is the reminder that Gunny is not all that uncommon and that there are others, just like him, waiting to be rescued. And if his situation was not already sad enough, there are communities all across the country that want to ban people from owning dogs like him because of his breed. Even here in the St. Louis area, there are communities that have banned "bully" breeds, causing one local citizen to put a bumper sticker on her car saying:

Stop Breed Specific Legislation
Do we really want a law that says race predicts behavior?
(I wish I had the guts to put this on my own car)

Anyway, after you are done watching the video, if you want to vote for Gunny (I don't even know what he wins... dog food for a year or something like that) you can vote at:

Whether or not you vote for Gunny is unimportant. But if you care about him and others like him, don't keep that to yourself. Tell your legislators how you feel. Let Gunny's story serve as a reminder to you to speak up and lend a hand.

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