Monday, October 19, 2009

Mopsy Princess

You might recall this photo I posted a few months ago of my old girl, Mopsy. This photo was taken after she was freshly bathed and combed out... not a simple task. This is made even more difficult this time of year with the leaves she drags in that get stuck in her hair. And at her age, I admit that I feel bad making her sit through the de-tangling and the endless combing so I have been threatening to shave her down.

Last night I sat down to pick out her tangles and found several HUGE mats with little sticks in them. Instead of picking at them, I just picked up the scissors and SNIP! the mat was gone! So she had a couple little bald spots... she had enough coat to cover it. But then I found another mat and another and before you know it, her beautiful long coat was impossible to fix.

SO, my beautiful little princess now looks like a sheep right after shearing. But she has been anxious to snuggle with me all day. I keep telling myself that she knows I'm sick and is cuddling, but the fact is that she is probably cold....

Sorry Mopsy... we'll let it grow back.

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  1. Poor Mopsy! Looks like you even shaved her ears! Brrrrr.