Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If I HAD to choose...

Nicole, over on Borderblog (cruzanborders.blogspot.com) came up with an interesting idea. If you HAD to choose one dog from every AKC group (not counting your current or previous dogs) what would it be? So I decided to give it a try:

Sporting: This is a hard one for me, because I love the spaniels. All of them. But, I guess I'll go with the Sussex Spaniel. Maybe I can keep up with his short little legs.

Hound: I'm not much of a hound person, but Basenji's alway interested me.

Working: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

Terriers: Hard to pick just one, because I like a lot of terriers. But I'm going with Miniature Bull Terrier... how can you not LOVE that face?

Toy: Thank goodness that Cavalier King Charles are in the toy group or I would be stuck. I'm not all that crazy about the toy breeds... partly because it is harder to bend down for training and partly because people treat them like babies.

Non-sporting: Shiba Inu. They always remind me of minature akitas

Herding: Sorry in advance to all my Aussie and Sheltie friends, but shaving Mopsy reminds me how tired I am of hair. So I'm going for an Austrailian Cattle Dog.
So, now it is YOUR turn... if you need some help remembering what breeds are in what groups, zip over to www.akc.org and click on the "breeds" tab. That will give you a tab on the left that says "breeds by group" and you pick the groups you want to see.

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  1. It's interesting what everyone chooses! Always some surprises.