Sunday, September 13, 2009

What I missed the Triune Trial for...

What a great time we had at Mizzou family day! We started by meeting at Sarah's new apartment for a pre-game party. You would think that twenty or so of us would overwhelm a college apartment, but Sarah has a pretty roomy place, so it wasn't too bad. Even with four (yes FOUR) dogs there as well. Good thing we're all friendly!

Not only was it family weekend at Mizzou, but it was Whiteman day, and we were treated to a B-2 flyover. I would have taken a picture, but honest-to-goodness, that plane blew me away. I expected a normal loud flyby, but that plane is well... stealthy! It was overhead and all we could do was stand with our mouths open. Wow, what an aircraft.

Like the geek that I am, one of my favorite parts of a college football is the marching band. Sorry, I know that the cool kids go for a beer, but I've always stood and watched.

The game started off badly. In fact, by halftime, I was having a difficult time watching. But Sarah left the student side to sit with us, bringing her good ju-ju with her and it turned the game around. Even little Julian seemed to enjoy the game. He was a trooper and made it until it was clear that Mizzou had the game under control in the 4th quarter before he nodded off to sleep. And then even the cannon crew couldn't wake him.
After the game, Sarah took the kids down to the area near the locker rooms to get autographs. By then we were all pretty pooped so we all headed for home.


  1. Go Tigers! Looks like fun. Legend got two MXJ Legs this weekend-you can read all about our saga on my blog. See you in 2 weeks?